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       My name is Betzy and im the proud owner of Betzy's food truck where i specialize in empanadas with a twist. Growing up in Puerto Rico, it was mandatory for me to be in the kitchen helping my grandmother. Our favorite food to make were her homemade Empanadas, or Pastelillos as she would call them. Fast forward 30 years later, my love for the kitchen has not changed. In 2017 I enrolled in the Urban Eats program located in Bridgeport CT, and the next 12 weeks with Chef Raquel Rivera helped mold my vision for my business. Over the last 4 years we have participated and gained experience in the catering, festival, and farmers market area. I have brought the love for the Empanada from MY childhood and gave it a twist! While there are classics, I have a few fusion creations that have allowed me to build a successful small business. 

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